From Boston and parts North

Take Route 93 South to Route 3 South
Exit 7 off 93 – which is actually 2 left lanes becoming Rte 3.
Then travel 2 miles to Braintree Exit #40 (formerly exit #17) / Union Street.
At end of ramp you encounter a  rotary.
Travel 3/4 around rotary going underneath highway.
Head for Citgo Gas station on your right.
This is Union Street and follow for 1 1/2 miles along residential stretch which ends as you come down a hill past a white church entering  Weymouth Landing/Rte 53, a commercial district.
After white church, bear to the right, immediately passing through 2 close sets of lights and start to ascend a hill.
Look for a Dunkin Donuts on Right and the red brick  Sacred Heart Church on Left and Clancy – Lucid Funeral Home is 100 yards more on your Left.

From Cape Cod and Plymouth

Travel Route 3 North to Weymouth Exit #38 (formerly exit #16)
Bear Right off Exit merging onto Rte 18 / Main Street heading North,
Passing the Dairy Queen on right and Honda Dealership on your left  at first set of  at lights.
Go 1/4 mile to second set of lights/merge left onto Rte 53 North/Washington St.
Travel 3/4 mile to next  set lights.       Clancy – Lucid Funeral Home is 200 yards down the hill on your Right.

From Mass Pike and parts West

Mass Pike east to exit #14 onto I-95 / local Route 128 South.
Note: I-95 South becomes I-93 North / local Route 128 South at 16 miles.
Note: I-93 North / local Route 3 splits at the South Shore Plaza at 20 miles.
Note: I-93 North splits to the left toward Boston.
Note: Local Route 128 ends splitting Right becoming Local Route 3 South towards Cape Cod.

From Mass Pike, follow 20  miles south past Braintree’s South Shore Plaza on your right.
Stay in right lane onto Route 3 to Braintree exit #40 (formerly exit #17) / Union Street
At end of ramp see rotary.
Travel 3/4 around rotary going underneath highway.
See and head for Citgo Gas on your right.
This is Union Street and follow for 1  mile and a half  into Weymouth Landing/Rte 53.
Bear Right past white church on Right into Weymouth Landing  / Rte 53.
Traveling past two close set of lights
past    red brick Sacred Hearth Church on Left and Dunkin Donuts on your Right.
See Clancy – Lucid Funeral Home 100 yards on Left across from Post Office.


Wey/Br Landing

Wey/Br Landing


Google Maps,+Weymouth,+MA+02188/@42.2186698,-70.9684879,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e362fcb41ff1f3:0x5e464a969e61b387!8m2!3d42.2186698!4d-70.9662992