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Braintree- Roy J. Bingamon, age 88, entered into eternal life on April 1, 2018.   Roy grew up in Brookline, moved to  Roxbury and has lived in Braintree for 42 years. He was a Korean War veteran and  honorably served consecutive enlistments of duty, first in the Marine Corps, then the Navy and finally with the  U.S. Army.  Mr. Bingamon worked in the maintenance department  at  the JFK  Federal Building in Boston for many years. Prior to that he worked at the Charlestown Navy  Yard. Roy was a talented artist as  well  as a student of  the violin at the N.E. Conservatory of Music.  His love for the Navy inspired him to handcraft a large detailed scale model of the aircraft carrier USS Shangri-la which was in drydock where he worked. The Navy was so impressed with his craftsmanship that they took  official photographs of his model  and wanted to

display it  . Beloved husband for 62 years to Rose A. (Morganelli).  Devoted father of James J. Bingamon and John E. Bingamon, both of Braintree. Beloved brother of  the late Robert Bingamon  and the late Dorothy   Funeral from the Clancy-Lucid Funeral Home, 100 Washington St. Weymouth Landing on Thursday , April 5 at 11am. followed by a  Funeral Mass in Sacred Heart Church Weymouth Landing at 12 noon  Relatives and friends are respectfully invited.  Entombment in St. Michael Cemetery in Boston.  Visiting hours on Wednesday from 3 until 6.

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  1. 4-7-2018

    April 6, 2018

    Dad was the best father and husband anyone could ask for. Dad had a hard life growing up with his father dying when Dad was only 7 and having to leave school early to work to help his mother.

    Dad always wanted the best for me, my brother and my mother.
    Dad would help us with our school work, stand up for us when their was trouble.
    Dad would always say on payday that he shares all his earnings with my mother,
    Who he loved very much for 62 years and called Ma a hard worker.
    My mother always said that the secret to a long marriage was ….
    ….for the husband to be a good listener, which my Dad was…and very easy going.

    However, never mistake Dads quite, good nature for weakness….for if we got a little rowdy when we were young kids, Dad would sternly correct us in no uncertain terms, but after you said you were sorry, the very next day Dad would crack a smile and act as though nothing ever happened…with no long grudges or resentments…JUST TOTAL FORGIVENESS…and you had a complete reset.
    We did not know it at the time, but…DAD WAS TEACHING US THE CHRISTIAN WAY

    There were many other examples of not mistaking Dads good, quiet nature for weakness, one of which was the following event:
    When Dad was in a classroom in grammar school, a bratty kid was sitting behind Dad continually tormented Dad in front of other classmates and continued to stick a pencil in Dads ear, …while laughing at Dads expense.
    After giving several verbal warnings to the brat, Dad finally turned around and clocked the troublemaker …and the harassment stopped.

    Dad was heroic too: For example, while in the Marine Corps and performing a training exercise involving Grenades, another marine in an adjacent foxhole accidentally threw a granade into Dads foxhole whereupon Dad had only seconds to react. Dad was the FIRST marine to alert everyone in his foxhole and the surrounding area to get out and yelled aloud: GRANADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………which saved his life and the lives of the other marines in his foxhole who did not see the loose granade at the time.

    My father served honorably in the Navy and the Army as well, with many stories
    that could fill pages.

    There are also many more stories about Dads good nature and strong character, and his artistic abilities as well.

    I retired early to look out for my father and mother in their later years.

    I already miss my Dad very much and look forward to seeing his smile again when my family and I meet Dad in heaven, where a good man like my father just has to be right now.


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